It's Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts for NFL MVP

The MVP conversation has been trimmed down to An and B discussion between Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. Joe Tunnel is listening in, yet in the last quarter of the time, he is outwardly searching in.

 As things presently stand, Mahomes possesses the B space in this race as Damages is pushing out the 2018 MVP in the 2022 Most Important Player duel.

For Damages' potential benefit, his consistency has been unbelievable. He's a metronome for the Hawks. Harms presently coordinates the No. 1 scoring offense and in Week 14 made the most of the Goliaths in transit to a 48-22 triumph.

Mahomes addresses the second-best offense, yet tossed three picks Sunday, though against a covering Horses safeguard.

Shockingly, Mahomes drives the NFL in score passes by a bigger edge than the distance between second-place Joe Tunnel and the 10th positioned passing score generator.

Nonetheless, when you calculate Mahomes' and Damages' surging scores, the distinction in complete scores psychologists to 35 for Mahomes and 32 for Damages.